4 mini-videos in English about self-driving (autonomous) vehicles

(pour nos vidéos en français, voir ci-dessous)


Our law firm is developing a series of videos on a fascinating topic: « the evolution of the autonomous vehicles and the related legislation ».

Here are 4 small videos in English about those self-driving cars (or other vehicles) and all the legal aspects to take in account, now that we will, soon (for the partly autonomous vehicles at least), have to adjust our laws, our cities, our public transportation systems, our parking lots, and so on…

• Autonomous vehicles (self driving cars) : 1. FEARS AND HOPES

• Autonomous vehicles (self driving cars) : 2. EXPERIMENTS (legal aspects)

• Autonomous vehicles (self driving cars) : 3. ETHICS AND LIABILITIES

• Autonomous vehicles (self driving cars) : 4. IMPACTS ON LOCAL GOVERNMENTS


Please note that our Law Firm will have the pleasure, Monday the 25th of Feb., 2019, to give a lecture in an official symposium about that topic, organised by Universities and Ministries in Japan. The symposium is organized by IATSS (International Association of Traffic and Safety Science), mainly by Professor Takeyoshi Imai. That symposium will be filmed and we’ll have the pleasure to broadcast this in replay on our YouTube Channel and in the future blog that, soon, our Law Firm will develop, in different languages, about this topic.




1/ espoirs et craintes

2/ cadre juridique de l’expérimentation des véhicules autonomes

3/ un big bang en termes d’éthique et de responsabilités ?

4/ De considérables adaptations pour les collectivités :

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